SkateBird Miami Classes

SkateBird Miami


At SkateBird Miami, we uses the Skateboard Supercross Academy (SBSX) curriculum to teach every single person aged five years and older how to skate.

  • A compelling curriculum will take you from Zero to Hero in your abilities as a skateboarder.
  • Proven method that has worked with 1000s of students world wide.
  • All instructors are certified, screened, and trained to provide you the highest level of Stoke and Service.
  • Camps and clinics are available throughout the year whenever school is out.
  • Private classes available.

If you want to join one of our classes, you must first take our trial class, even if you are a skilled skateboarder.

Trial Classes teach the basics of skateboarding and park etiquette. After the 30 min class, the coach will be able to recommend the best
class for you. 

Every Sunday at 1:00 & 1:30 & Monday at 3:30.

$20 Board and protective gear included (after you purchase your class, go to the class schedule to book your class.)




Age 5 & up: Learn how to push,stand and steer a skateboard independently. Work on balance techniques to increase skateboarding skills. Translate these skills to the Pumptrack.

Receive a general exposure to riding switch, board components & construction. To complete a unidirectional lap on a pump track.

No prerequisites: 1 HR session. Monthly Sign Up Sessions 1x a week: $135 month / 2x a week: $260 a month.


Take the skills learned in the green program and apply them to this curriculum. Learn both heelside and toeside on the board as well as strengthen switch riding, and Pumptrack skills. Green Prerequisite. Ages 7 & up. 1 HR session. Monthly sign up sessions: 1x a week: $135
month / 2x a week: $260 a month.

More advanced levels are coming soon.