Parent’s Guide: All You Need to Know About SkateBird’s Afterschool Care Program

Parent’s Guide: All You Need to Know About SkateBird’s Afterschool Care Program

Skateboarding has evolved from a pastime into an art form, a sport, and a way for individuals to express themselves. The multitude of benefits it offers, such as building endurance, makes it an engaging and challenging activity that appeals to young people. At SkateBird Miami, we go beyond providing a skatepark – we offer a comprehensive afterschool program that introduces young kids to structured and effective learning opportunities. If you're a parent interested in learning more about this endeavor you've come to the right place!

An Effective Curriculum

What sets SkateBird’s school program apart is our use of the Skateboard Supercross Academy (SBSX) curriculum. This curriculum takes people on a transformative journey, helping them progress from novice skateboarders to skilled enthusiasts.

With its implementation worldwide and proven results, this curriculum isn't just theoretical – it really works.

Expert Instructors

A well-crafted curriculum requires knowledgeable instructors who can bring it to life. At SkateBird, every instructor you encounter is certified, thoroughly screened, and extensively trained. Our goal is to foster competence and inspire enthusiasm in our students so that each lesson becomes an “Aha!" moment.

Flexibility in Learning

At SkateBird, we understand the needs of parents and children which is why we offer a range of learning options. In addition to our afterschool program, we also organize camps and clinics throughout the year to coincide with school holidays. For those seeking a personalized approach, we provide private classes that ensure individualized attention.

The Importance of the Trial Class

Before enrolling in any of our programs, it is essential to participate in a trial class. Why is this necessary? It allows us to lay the foundation for both beginner and experienced skateboarders alike.

During the trial class, we introduce the fundamentals of skateboarding and emphasize park etiquette. An aspect that promotes safety procedures and respect within the skateboarding community. Based on their evaluation during this session, our coaches recommend the suitable class for each student. It's a way to start off on the right foot and ensure an optimal learning experience while prioritizing safety.

Trial classes are held every Sunday at 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM, as well as on Mondays at 3:30 PM. The fee for these classes covers not just instruction but also includes access to skateboards and protective gear. Once you have secured your spot, be sure to reserve your time slot on our class schedule.

Safety First

When discussing skateboarding, it is crucial to address safety as a priority.

Recognizing how crucial it is, SkateBird ensures that every trial class fee includes gear. Our top-notch instructors are dedicated to teaching students the intricacies of skateboarding and instilling habits that prioritize risk reduction.

SkateBird’s afterschool program aims to combine activity, mental resilience training, and community engagement in a structured environment. With our SBSX curriculum, instructors leading the way, and adaptable learning modules, enrolling your child here means embarking on a journey of personal growth, skill development, and self-expression. As parents searching for afterschool activities for your child's development, SkateBird Miami guarantees just that. Contact our team to learn more about our program and how to enroll!